Monday, November 28, 2011

Occupy Montreal Forcibly Evicted From Square Victoria aka Place Du Peuple Friday November 25, 2011

SPVM police officers move in on Square Victoria 
with boxes of orange "crime scene" tape. . .

Isis meditates in front of the statue of
Queen Victoria which was transformed 
into La Déesse des Indignés de Montréal

A Montreal Occupier ritually smudges SPVM 
police officers with the smoke of burning sage.

SPVM police officers moved quickly to dismantle 
the symbolic tents representing other "Occupied" cities
that had been placed around the statue of Queen Victoria.

Quebec union workers arrived before the SPVM police 
intervention to provide their moral support for Occupy Montreal.

City workers bundle up an Occupy Montreal tent.

A Montreal city worker identifies the bundled up and bagged
belongings of a Montreal Occupier aka un Indigné Montréalais.

A First Nations Occupier holds a dream catcher while
SPVM police officers dismantle tents in the background.

The SPVM ordered mainstream media aka "corporate media"
to leave the cordoned off area of Square Victoria or risk arrest.
All or almost all of the "corporate media" complied with this highly
questionable attempt to control media coverage of the eviction. 

SPVM officers dismantle a small tent.

Two SPVM officers stand watch as a Montreal Occupier
collects his sleeping bag and prepares to leave the area.

A Montreal Occupier flashes a "peace sign". 
Or is it the 'V' for Victory made famous by Winston Churchill?
Perhaps a combination of both meanings holds True here since, 
by remaining completely non-violent and only passively resisting the 
unnecessary forcible eviction by an SPVM police intervention soon
after they had already voted to leave Square Victoria voluntarily, 
Montreal Occupiers proved they were as good as their word.

Batman aka the Caped Crusader aka The Dark Knight
is evicted from Square Victoria by an SPVM officer.
It is my understanding that Batman was later arrested
for having the temerity to hug a Montreal police officer.

Two Montreal Indignés meditate behind police lines.

Isis meditates in passive resistance to the SPVM eviction.

A female SPVM police officer chats with a Montréal Indigné
who has collected her belongings in preparation for leaving.

Montréal Occupier Paul talks on his cell phone while Greg
stands in the background with an Occupons Montréal banner.

More passive resistance by Montreal Occupiers

An evicted Batman strides past the entrance to
allegedly "assaulting" an SPVM officer with a hug.

SPVM police officers on "Kitchen Duty" as it were. . .

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Blogger Steve Troletti Nature and Wildlife Photography said...

Great set of photos documenting the eviction. Nice Work Robin!

5:20 p.m.  
Blogger Robin Edgar said...

Thanks Steve,

Needless to say there are more photos, and a fair bit of video documentation (including most of Greg's phone conversation with SPVM police mediator Stephane Eid as police were preparing to move in), but these are amongst the best shots that I got. I will be posting the picture captions soon but I wanted to make the images available yesterday so uploaded them before adding captions.

Look forward to doing some Montreal photos with you soonish. Probably best to wait for some more snow now. . .


7:36 a.m.  
Anonymous Marouane said...

hello Edgar, I am Marouane we met that day and you gave me the opportunity to take pictures with your lens, a promised, here are the photos

take care et bonnes fetes.


11:49 a.m.  

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